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Systems Ninja - what sort of job is that?

Systems Ninja Brian Kong at work

When you hear the word ‘ninja’ what do you think of? People swooping around doing stealthy karate chops in dark outfits – or teenage mutant turtles called Michelangelo and Donatello eating pizza? I bet you’re not thinking of Systems Ninjas; techie trainees learning how to code without any strange outfits, medieval names or destruction?  Readiness IT 's ystems ninja traineeship is a great strating place says Systems Ninja Brian Kong.

Tips on Networking from Alumni and Students

Graceland Ioane at networking event

“I wasn't confident at all at networking. I was anti-social and networking needed me to be the opposite. But once I understood the value of networking, it empowered me to give it a go,” says Graceland Ioane, ASB Team Support and AUT alumni.

Graceland is now so comfortable with networking she is one of 11 alumni who generously gave their time mid May to help students practise networking.

Read the students’ experiences and the alumni’s tips.

An easy way to meet new people and build connections

group of people chatting

What would you give for an easier way to connect with the workplace and improve your communication and networking skills without having to go to events and give your elevator pitch? How about simply getting together with a few other people to offer your help a few hours a week? People often end up doing their best networking when helping out – volunteering – at a local organization or charity.

Why are panel sessions the best?

Panel session Jana-Sola- SocSci

"Come along to this panel of graduates." "Come and listen to this panel of recruiters." "Come and hear this panel of industry experts." Come along... come listen ... come hear …. But why you may ask? What is the point? Here’s 6 reasons why we believe panels are of huge benefit to you!

Do Something for Nothing and Gain Heaps

Dog in need resized

Doing something for nothing? Why would you? Actually there are compelling career reasons for volunteering, as well as giving back to your community! And it isn't just me banging on about it! Big players like SEEK agree.

Meet Kelsey - Transition from student to young professional

Deloitte New Zealand - Meet Kelsey

Meet Business and Maori Development graduate and Deloitte Senior Analyst Kelsey Williams who shares her career journey and transition from student to young professional.

Kelsey started her graduate role at Deloitte, while simultaneously completing her Co-op and has spent the past four years working on diverse projects in the public sector focusing on Maori Development and Health Economics.

Recruiter Tips on Graduate Applications

Tips image

Graduate and internship programme applications are opening up all over New Zealand right now. Here are 10 great tips from company recruiters on how to put your best foot forward. You'll find it isn't just about having a good CV - although that is important!

Stand out – Graduate Programme Applications

Got a job

Steeling yourself to start applying for a graduate programme? It is a time consuming process but if you approach it properly, you should give yourself the best chance of getting the result you want. Here are some tips on how to stand out from AUT Employability Specialist Shaun Pulman. This is the first of 3 blogs offering advice on applying to graduate or internship programmes.

A social sciences degree - what on earth can you do with that?

AUT social sciences alumni Jana Nee

You’re doing social sciences? Social what? Why on earth would you? Because you could end up doing a job you absolutely love, as Social Sciences and Criminology graduate Jana Nee found out. Yep, there are many roles requiring social science skills of critical thinking, research, planning, communication and a commitment to social justice, cultural diversity, human rights and community.“There is so much you can do with social sciences and criminology, especially in the realm of Māori development and whānau ora,” she says.

Ruth Stowers: Journey from law student to graduate job

AUT Law Graduate Ruth Stowers

AUT Law graduate Ruth utilised AUT Employability’s diverse range of services to help her get her first role out of university. Now a Graduate Foreign Policy Officer with NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ruth shares how her employability unfolded throughout her own university journey, and encourages students to maximise AUT’s support services - as she did.