Do what you're afraid to do, says AUT Edge Award winner

August 23, 2019

AUT Edge Award overall winner Jackie Chan

The best way to overcome fear is to ‘do what you’re afraid to do’, says AUT student Jackie Chan, who received the AUT Edge Award Overall Achievement prize winner at the graduation ceremony late July, excelling in her leadership and volunteering work through the Award.

Sell Yourself at the Career Fair

August 13, 2019

You can do it

Dynamic and fun is the best way to describe the hospitality, tourism and events industry, and if you want to become part of it you need to learn how to sell yourself, according to the three panelists from Sky City, Vodafone Event Centre and International Hotel Group at last week’s Match Ready workshop at AUT.

Volunteering is simply offering small acts of kindness

July 31, 2019

Happy AUT Edge Award winners

Priscilla Schwalger didn't see much point in volunteering before she started the AUT Edge Award. By the end she had clocked up over 110 volunteering hours (minimum requirement is 10) and is still volunteering - and loving it!

Impact of working together on sustainability

July 31, 2019

Social Impact Edge Award winner Liubov Sidavora

Having to volunteer during the AUT Edge Award opened Liubov Sidorova’s eyes to the huge social impact individuals, like herself, can make. Liubov won the Social Impact prize for her huge involvement in many community ventures around sustainability.

Learning to Lead through the AUT Edge Award

July 31, 2019

Leadership prize winner and sponsor CAANZ

Leadership isn't easy, says Hilary Esterhuizen, winner of the AUT Edge Award Leadership prize, sponsored by CAANZ. Through the award Hilary learned that positivity and two-way communication are the secret ingredients of successful leadership for her.

Coming out of his corner because of the AUT Edge Award

July 31, 2019

AUT Edge Award winners on blackboard

When Yves Guo started the AUT Edge Award, he was a shy and introverted student who struggled to have any belief in himself. Over his AUT Edge Award journey, Yves developed into a more confident, creative personality who pushed outside his comfort zone to help others.

Clubbing - but not the music kind

July 12, 2019

Dancing at a nightclub

Clubs are vital - and I’m not talking of nightclubs or the clubs used by Neanderthals to clobber dinosaurs for food. I'm talking about the exceptional range of clubs set up at AUT offering opportunities for you to hang out with other students and do stuff,

Talk to others

July 12, 2019

All all alone

I still remember the feeling of total inadequacy I had as a teenager when I was trying to impress the editor of our local paper. It was excruciating – I stuttered, blushed and said little. As a result I didn’t get the coveted summer holiday job I wanted but I did learn something important – I had to learn to talk properly to people.

Do something different in the holiday break

June 7, 2019

Volunteers tree planting

Here's some ideas of how to find something to do over the break that will help improve your CV and your chances of landing a good job.


AUT Edge Award overall winner Jackie Chan

Do what you're afraid to do, says AUT Edge Award winner

Jackie won the YUDU sponsored prize for demonstrating the highest level of achievement in all...
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You can do it

Sell Yourself at the Career Fair

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