Do something different in the holiday break

June 7, 2019

Volunteers tree planting

Here's some ideas of how to find something to do over the break that will help improve your CV and your chances of landing a good job.

Volunteering - abseiling, mulching, ICT tutoring...

June 6, 2019

Volunteering Expo

Giving back makes you feel good and it can also be fun, exciting, weird or down right nerve wracking –  you really can take your pick!

An easy way to meet new people and build connections

May 29, 2019

Volunteers at Eat My Lunch

Trying to meet employers and become known outside of AUT can be a difficult thing to contemplate. Here is a way to take small steps to build up confidence and start to interact with lots of different people.

Elabonline? Employability Lab? Internz?

May 29, 2019


Employability? Internz? Elabonline? Confused? Here is a short outline of each of these great services and how you can use them to become work ready!

Five Employability Tips for International Students

May 23, 2019

Happy to have a job

Starting a new year of study can be daunting, especially if you're in a different city or country! Don’t try and do too much in the first weeks of semester. Get into a good head space by giving yourself time to settle into your study and your accommodation. Once you’re settled in, come and see us at Employability and Careers.

You are the culmination of every success, failure, win and loss you have

May 23, 2019


Believe in yourself, give things a go, accept failure and don't expect your job to be amazing, glam and fulfilling every minute of the day. These were some of the words of wisdom from a range of speakers that were at AUT recently for Employability Matters.

How to put together a great creative portfolio

May 15, 2019

 Bright design on home page

A great online portfolio showcases your creative skills and helps you stand out when applying for jobs. Read our 7 tips and other advice on how to start to create a great online presence that will help you find work.

Tips on CVs for Creative and Design Roles

May 3, 2019

Peacock showing plumage

How do you put your best self forward when applying for design or other creative roles? By providing a CV and online portfolio – yes you need both and they need to be separate.

Outdoor Challenge for AUT Edge Awarders

May 1, 2019

Ryan, the community development manager, calls every applicant so you have a second chance to impress.

Interested in Outward Bound but put off by the cost? Join the AUT Edge Award and you'll be eligible to apply for a winter Classic course through the Ka Mahi scholarship - a chance to challenge yourself physically and mentally!

7 Tips on creating a great CV

April 30, 2019

O for Awesome CV

In our previous blog on CVs, we told you about all the things employers don’t want to see in a CV. This blog offers tips on what makes a great CV that gets employers wanting to find out more about you. .


Volunteers tree planting

Do something different in the holiday break

So exams are getting underway – maybe even over for some of you lucky ones....
Volunteering Expo

Volunteering - abseiling, mulching, ICT tutoring...

Giving back makes you feel good and it can also be fun, exciting, weird or...

Elabonline? Employability Lab? Internz?

What is Elabonline? Where is the Employability Lab? How does Internz fit in?Employability services at...



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