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Online networking through LinkedIn is massive, says BDO internal talent acquisition manager Phillipa Dale who has worked in recruitment since 2004. As someone who receives torrents of invitations to connect on LinkedIn, she is well placed to share advice and insights on using LinkedIn appropriately and well.

Co-op, internship, lockdown - more than was expected!

Kirria Person

When Kirria Person approached Spacetime managing director about a co-operative placement, she had no idea it would turn into an internship. Nor then she know she’d spend a good amount of her time working remotely at Spacetime because of lockdown.

Hiding in bed or preparing to job search?

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So are you ready? Are you ready to put your best foot forward and get out and get a job? Or you not even bothering to answer because you are too busy applying for heaps of online jobs expecting a recruiter will read your generic CV and give you the job? Or do you simply want to hide under your sheets whenever job search is mentioned? Find out how to become Match Ready for job search.

Why bother with LinkedIn?

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I bet you’ve been told again and again that a LinkedIn profile is an essential part of your job search. Yet, how often do you think, “Why should I bother?”

Internships still happen during Covid-19

Tip - you got this

When everything is so uncertain, is there any point in applying for an internship? Definitely, says AUT business and information systems student Kirria Person who was in her second week of a placement with Spacetime in March when Covid-19 shut the country down.

Kirria says Spacetime adapted quickly, setting up on-line meetings and creating slightly different roles and activities for her. There was no suggestion of the placement not continuing. As a result her time with Spacetime was a much richer experience..So what are internships?

What to do on the first day in your new internship or work experience

First day at work

Whether fresh-faced student/graduate or battle-hardened professional, those first few hours of a new job or internship are often among the most stressful and daunting of our working lives.

How do you find an internship?

Hunting in the laundromat

Searching for an internship requires a bit of determination - just like searching for your socks in the laundromat,  But there are many ways to find an internships - formally and informally - as you'll see in this blog.

LinkedIn photo - Do's and Don'ts

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LinkedIn profiles that include a picture are 14 times more likely to be seen, according not LinkedIn research. This makes your profile picture a very important part of your LinkedIn profile whether you want to have your photo up there or not.

Two internships big help for Grace Davies

Grace Davies double intern

Grace Davies is definitely a fan of internships, having done two while studying at AUT. She gained heaps from both and believes internships area a great way to prepare for the workplace and test your career options.

Volunteering - a way to stand out to employers

New Volunteering collage

Keen to get some experience outside of your study but struggling to work out how to do it? Volunteering is one way to do this – it gives you the chance to connect and learn about workplaces - and is something that employers look upon extremely positively in these uncertain times