Are you ready for Career Fairs?

February 22, 2018

Are you ready

Employers thrive on proactive candidates. They will remember you if you take an interest, ask questions and know about what they do.

Demstifying Graduate Programmes and More

February 21, 2018


Graduate programmes?  Internships?  Work integrated learning? What on earth? Let us help make sense of these for you.

Life changing AUT Edge Award

January 26, 2018

EA grads 12-2017

When students talk of how the AUT Edge Award has changed their lives, you know it is making a significant impact well beyond ticking the boxes.

Meet Employability Specialist Shaun Pulman

January 16, 2018


A ‘tertiary traveller’, Shaun Pulman brings a comprehensive understanding of the tertiary sector and the workplace to his role as employability specialist at AUT.

Entrepreneurship starts at Co.Starters

November 27, 2017

Nina Wieland Co.S

An aspiring entrepreneur embarks on an AUT entrepreneurship development programme, Co.Starters, to test a business idea and learn about entrepreneurship.

Employer Tips on CVs, Interviews etc

October 17, 2017

Mouthy horse

There is nothing better than advice from the horse's mouth! Over AUT Employability Matters a number of employers gave tips about how to write CVs and cover letters, prepare for interviews and approach work experience.

Don't let rejection end your dream

October 16, 2017

reject cat

Don't let rejection prevent you from achieving your dreams and landing the career you want. It took me 15 years to realise that a single rejection didn't have to mean the end of my career dream to be a journalist. One rejection does not equate to failure, don't let it!

Digital Platform Recruitment Tips

October 9, 2017


Make sure you're putting your precious time into strategic job search and are not wasting time! Here are tips from three of our most popular digital recruiters - SEEK, TradeMe and LinkedIn!

Demystifying Psychometric Assessments

September 26, 2017

Boom head

It can be rather daunting to be told you have to complete a psychometric assessment when you apply for a job, particularly if you’ve never done one before. Student Employability and Careers Specialist Emma Spires demystifies the process.


Are you ready

Are you ready for Career Fairs?

Employers thrive on proactive candidates. They will remember you if you take an interest, ask...

Demstifying Graduate Programmes and More

There are many different ways - formal and informal - to gain the precious work...
EA grads 12-2017

Life changing AUT Edge Award

They contributed to social enterprise Eat My Lunch, worked with Sustainable Coastlines to make our...



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