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Linked into an Internship

Rajvi Rangrej

Using LinkedIn led Rajvi Rangrej to an internship with a design firm and lots of great contacts – but it wasn’t something she was keen to do initially. But when she put up a logo she’d created for AUT Indian Student Association, everything changed.

Clubbing - but not the music kind

Dancing at a nightclub

Clubs are vital - and I’m not talking of nightclubs or the clubs used by Neanderthals to clobber dinosaurs for food. I'm talking about the exceptional range of clubs set up at AUT offering opportunities for you to hang out with other students and do stuff,

Networking 101

Networking 1

Networking is communicating with people, making connections and sharing information. Value comes from using shared interests to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Networking relationships are built over time and these contacts will be there to help you in the future.

Demystifying Psychometric Assessments

Boom head

It can be rather daunting to be told you have to complete a psychometric assessment when you apply for a job, particularly if you’ve never done one before. Student Employability and Careers Specialist Emma Spires demystifies the process.

You are as good as your next move!

you can pic

Yay, the career event is over. And you think you nailed it! Well, no, not quite.  After making all that effort you don’t want to lose out on future opportunities by scurrying back into your corner and not following up.

Here are 6 tips on how to keep momentum up after the fair or event is over.

Ideas on how represent yourself

Just too shy

Let's face it, Kiwis are not great at telling people about themselves, or heaven forbid, actually talking themselves up about anything. Am I right? Here are three employers tips on how to present yourself genuinely through your CV, cover letter and at events.

Identifying and building your skills

Stand out in a crowd of applicants

Are you worried you don't have skills that employers are looking for? You’d be surprised how many skills you’re developing, alongside your technical and professional skills, as you study, work and play. Get some pointers from four employers!

Tips on CVs for Creative and Design Roles

Peacock showing plumage

How do you put your best self forward when applying for design or other creative roles? By providing a CV and online portfolio – yes you need both and they need to be separate.

Lots of career support at AUT

Students passing by WA202, the AUT Employability Lab

Not sure if you’re on the right track with your career choices? Want to get your CV updated? Keen to find out how to meet employers? We have heaps of great employability and career help for you at AUT.

Do Something for Nothing and Gain Heaps

Dog in need resized

Doing something for nothing? Why would you? Actually there are compelling career reasons for volunteering, as well as giving back to your community! And it isn't just me banging on about it! Big players like SEEK agree.