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A social sciences degree - what on earth can you do with that?

AUT social sciences alumni Jana Nee

You’re doing social sciences? Social what? Why on earth would you? Because you could end up doing a job you absolutely love, as Social Sciences and Criminology graduate Jana Nee found out. Yep, there are many roles requiring social science skills of critical thinking, research, planning, communication and a commitment to social justice, cultural diversity, human rights and community.“There is so much you can do with social sciences and criminology, especially in the realm of Māori development and whānau ora,” she says.

Ruth Stowers: Journey from law student to graduate job

AUT Law Graduate Ruth Stowers

AUT Law graduate Ruth utilised AUT Employability’s diverse range of services to help her get her first role out of university. Now a Graduate Foreign Policy Officer with NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ruth shares how her employability unfolded throughout her own university journey, and encourages students to maximise AUT’s support services - as she did.

Job Prep Tips for an International Student

Staff working around a laptop

The more you know about the job market in New Zealand and the way New Zealand employers approach recruitment, the better your chances will be of finding work. Don't know any Kiwi employers? No problem! Here are 8 essential tips on how to develop job search knowledge and expertise.

Enriched experience with Employability & Careers

Giri Gonsai at Beyond AUT Award graduation

When Giri Gonsai found out about Employability and Careers after picking up a flyer at Orientation, the Postgraduate Computer and Information Science student realised he’d stumbled onto a way to charge up his year and become fully prepared for employment. And he was not wrong.

Elabonline? Employability Lab? AUT talenthub?


Employability? Talenthub? Elabonline? Confused? Here is a short outline of each of these great services and how you can use them to become work ready!

Help yourself while helping others over summer

Volunteering for Legasea

Over your university summer break you’ll be getting plenty of opportunities to relax and revitalise – and hopefully build up new skills and experiences. Summer jobs are one great way to gain employability skills but if you can't get a job, try volunteering.

Personal Statement? Career Objective? It's about You!

Finger pointing to you

Feeling a bit unsure about whether you should be including a personal statement or a career objective in your application and/or CV? Not even sure what the difference is between the two? Read on....

E Lab? Career Hub? AUT talenthub?

AUT E Lab 3

CareerHub? Employability Lab? AUT talenthub? Who does what and how do they link up?

Here’s my attempt to explain what they are and what they offer – and while I may be biased, I want to say they are brilliant services that offer plenty of career and employability help.

Graduates and Interns wanted, despite Covid

Graduate in new job

Optimism is high for on-campus recruitment service AUT talenthub after a record placement of interns and graduate candidates between October and December, despite the impact of Covid-19 on recruitment  and the New Zealand economy eariier in the year..

“Students and graduates were scared there wouldn't be any jobs, but there are jobs out there, and some businesses are expanding,” says AUT talenthub Candidate Manager Jade Bradley.

How do you find an internship?

Hunting in the laundromat

Searching for an internship requires a bit of determination - just like searching for your socks in the laundromat,  But there are many ways to find an internships - formally and informally - as you'll see in this blog.