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Conquering the final reflection


Volunteering - tick! Leadership - tick! Employability workshops - tick! You'll be feeling good. Just the final Edge reflection/Beyond interview to go and you'll have completed the award you've put many hours of free time into.

So don’t ruin it all now by not allowing enough time to work on your Final Reflection/Interview. Typically, it can take from 2 to 8 hours to draft, refine, polish and complete

Don't forget why you're doing your degree

Mary-Lynn Huxford

“Don’t forget why you signed up for your degree, says Mary-Lynn Huxford, who graduated last year from AUT with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Conflict Resolution.

“Ultimately you have come to AUT to start building your career path in your chosen field.”

Welcome to Horowai, our Employability Awards specialist

Horowai in the AUT Employability Laba

Hanging out with students and helping them find great places to volunteer and do leadership activities is making Horowai Broederlaw pretty happy in her new job as AUT Employability Awards specialist.

Job Secured after Employability Workshop

Hansani Senadeera Food Science Student

Hansani Senadeera landed a great part time job after attending a workshop for job interview practice at the Employability Lab at AUT. She encourages other students to take advantage of these workshops - see what she learned that helped her get a job.

Be a Detective for your own Career

Magnifying glass

What has detective work got to do with getting a job? Well, just like a detective builds up a case by collecting clues and leads, so should you build up information and collect leads when trying to figure out where you’d love to work. By researching, talking to people, and checking out events and organisations, you start to zone in on great job opportunities.

The scientific desire to know why

Natalie Pettitt at AUT Science Career Expo

As someone “annoyingly practical and analytical” Natalie Pettitt reckoned science was a natural fit. Her desire to understand the ‘why’ behind sour dough and cheese led her to study microbiology and food science at AUT. Now a senior technician at Ministry of Primary Industries, Natalie talks about her science career journey over the past couple of years.

Be a scientist, ask questions at the expo

AUT career expo students

Going up to strangers can feel a bit scary but the employers at the Science Career Expo are there because they want to talk to you about their work and the science careers they can offer. Here are some tips from two of the employers attending.

Follow your dream another way

Playing music with passion

You have a great passion, but not the talent to make it big. Well, not everyone can be the star of the show, but there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of the skills you do have and follow your passion into that world another way. It’s simple!

New Confidence to Give Back and Cement Career Goals

AUT Edge Award graduate Tanvi Narayan is a proud student ambassador

Getting involved in supporting other students was something Tanvi Narayan would never have had the confidence to do when she first started at AUT, but the AUT Edge Award opened up possibilities and led to Tanvi becoming a student ambassador, RUOK adviser and peer mentor.

7 Tips on creating a great CV

O for Awesome CV

Employers are often flooded with CVs that don’t meet the job criteria or are extremely bland and formulaic. This blog offers tips on how to make a great CV that gets employers wanting to find out more about you.