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Attending Career Fairs - what is the point?

Career fair activity

Within a couple of weeks you’ll have the opportunity to attend career fairs for Business & Economics, Law and ICT and Engineering. Later in the year there will be career fairs for other faculties. They offer a great opportunity for you to start meeting employers looking for graduates and interns BUT they will not necessarily be offering jobs on the day. Why not?

Tips for 2020 Career Fairs

look good at career fairs

Make the most of the opportunity to meet a large number of employers on city campus at AUT by attending the upcoming career fairs this semester.  Are you ready to shine like a peacock at the next career fair? Here are tips on how to put your best foot forward.

Five Employability Tips for Students

Happy to have a job

Starting a new year of study can be daunting, especially if you're in a different city or country! Don’t try and do too much in the first weeks of semester. Get into a good head space by giving yourself time to settle into your study and your accommodation. Once you’re settled in, come and see us at Employability and Careers.

Don't give up your job hunt

Question Mark

After a series of job rejection emails, AUT Master of Engineering graduate, Mayur Wadhwani found the nerve to ask why he was not shortlisted for the job. He was told that the organisation had received 1000 applications and could only select 10. Asking the question 'Why?" helped Mayur see that it wasn’t personal. Now working as a Junior Software Developer he gives his insights into job search.

Getting your career under way as well as your study

Future digital workspace

First week jitters? Excited but nervous about taking the first step towards the rest of your life and career. Most students do feel a bit overwhelmed initially. Totally normal – just don’t forget to check Employability and Careers services out once you’ve settled in. Who….?

A chance to mix and find your way

AUT Edge Award student Anisha Khatoon

A new postgraduate international student in 2019, Anisha Khatoon found O Week  was a great way to mix and mingle and learn about the facilities available to AUT students, including Employability and Careers.

Plenty happening at the Employability Lab

 CVR Shastry volunteering

If you’re a new student, make the most of your time here and get involved by volunteering and doing leadership things, advises health informatics student CVR Shastry.

"I got much more out of getting involved than I expected - and it was the employability & Careers team and the AUT Edge Award that got me started."

Don't forget why you're doing your degree

AUT graduate Mary-Lynn Huxford

“Don’t forget why you signed up for your degree, says Mary-Lynn Huxford, who graduated last year from AUT with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Conflict Resolution.

“Ultimately you have come to AUT to start building your career path in your chosen field.”

Welcome to Employability and Careers at AUT

Meet the Employability and Careers team

Come and visit us at the AUT Employability Lab – and no, the Lab is not a weird workplace science experiment. But it is the place where you get lots of help to become very employable.