Graduates & Students

Success isn't about Perfection

August 30, 2021

Caiitlin Baard AUT Edge Award Leadership winner

Struggles as well as the successes need to be seen and celebrated, says Caitlin Baard who recently won the AUT Edge Leadership Prize for semester one.

“It is easy to see a person who’s ‘succeeded’ in something and feel alienated, believing they are always on and exceptional. But that is truly impossible - even a disadvantage,” says Caitlin, an AUT Public Health and Environmental Sciences graduate.

Making a social impact with construction engineering

July 27, 2021

April Faitua

Having an impact on social change as a construction engineering graduate with Kāinga Ora is a big motivator for April Faitua, who draws on her AUT degree and her Samoan upbringing within her role.

Graduate Job Title Samples

July 26, 2021

samples of grad jobs 700

If manager or team leader roles are not coming through feeds from AUT talenthub, NZUnitalent, SEEK etc, don’t panic. Most graduate roles fall under titles such as assistant, executive, administrator, officer etc. These roles are door openers – discard them at your peril.

What on earth is it like to be a probation officer?

July 20, 2021

Probation Officer Georgia Fui

The dream of becoming a detective led Georgia Fui to AUT to study criminology. However, as she delved further into her degree she started to question her career choice. Did she really want to be out on the streets catching people breaking the law? If not, then what else could she do?

Systems Ninja - what sort of job is that?

June 11, 2021

Systems Ninja Brian Kong at work

When you hear the word ‘ninja’ what do you think of? People swooping around doing stealthy karate chops in dark outfits – or teenage mutant turtles called Michelangelo and Donatello eating pizza? I bet you’re not thinking of Systems Ninjas; techie trainees learning how to code without any strange outfits, medieval names or destruction?  Readiness IT 's ystems ninja traineeship is a great strating place says Systems Ninja Brian Kong.

A social sciences degree - what on earth can you do with that?

March 9, 2021

AUT social sciences alumni Jana Nee

You’re doing social sciences? Social what? Why on earth would you? Because you could end up doing a job you absolutely love, as Social Sciences and Criminology graduate Jana Nee found out. Yep, there are many roles requiring social science skills of critical thinking, research, planning, communication and a commitment to social justice, cultural diversity, human rights and community.“There is so much you can do with social sciences and criminology, especially in the realm of Māori development and whānau ora,” she says.

Enriched experience with Employability & Careers

February 25, 2021

Giri Gonsai at Beyond AUT Award graduation

When Giri Gonsai found out about Employability and Careers after picking up a flyer at Orientation, the Postgraduate Computer and Information Science student realised he’d stumbled onto a way to charge up his year and become fully prepared for employment. And he was not wrong.

Help yourself while helping others over summer

January 28, 2021

Volunteering for Legasea

Over your university summer break you’ll be getting plenty of opportunities to relax and revitalise – and hopefully build up new skills and experiences. Summer jobs are one great way to gain employability skills but if you can't get a job, try volunteering.

Graduates and Interns wanted, despite Covid

January 26, 2021

Graduate in new job

Optimism is high for on-campus recruitment service AUT talenthub after a record placement of interns and graduate candidates between October and December, despite the impact of Covid-19 on recruitment  and the New Zealand economy eariier in the year..

“Students and graduates were scared there wouldn't be any jobs, but there are jobs out there, and some businesses are expanding,” says AUT talenthub Candidate Manager Jade Bradley.

Co-op, internship, lockdown - more than was expected!

August 21, 2020

Kirria Person

When Kirria Person approached Spacetime managing director about a co-operative placement, she had no idea it would turn into an internship. Nor then she know she’d spend a good amount of her time working remotely at Spacetime because of lockdown.