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Starting Your Career Journey

Three great graduates cover

Five AUT graduates talk about how their paths changed as they progressed through their tertiary study leading to productive stimulating careers that are quite different from their initial dreams and expectations.

Welcome to Employability and Careers at AUT

Careers and Employability Dec 2020

Come and visit us at the AUT Employability Lab – and no, the Lab is not a weird workplace science experiment. But it is the place where you get lots of help to become very employable.

International Graduate Overcomes Obstacles To Success

Mallik Gadpudi - AUT Alumni

When Mallik Gadipudi completed his MBA in Human Resources at AUT and took on a 2degrees customer care specialist role, his Dad back in India was perplexed and angry. Why was he going to work in a call centre after doing a postgraduate qualification?

Mallik didn’t see it that way. For him it was a strategic step needed to overcome a lack of experience in the New Zealand workplace. And it worked. Mallik is now national sales manager for KPL Distribution and has founded a music production company.

Identifying and building your skills

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Got no skills that employers would want? You’d be surprised how many skills you’re developing, alongside your technical professional skills, as you study, work and play. Get some pointers from four employers who recently presented at AUT Employability Matters!

Virtual Interview Tips from Employers

woman talking in zoom interview

You’ve got an interview. Amazing. Oh no, it’s online. You’ll be in a box, looking at people in boxes. What do you do? How do you engage? What if your internet fails?Don’t panic. You’re not alone. All job interviews for Auckland roles are being conducted remotely at the moment and this is likely to continue for some time yet. 7 recruiting managers give advice.

Quick Tips on Virtual Interviews

not ready for virtual interview

If you don't want to be like the guy in the image, then read our tips on how to set up and perform in a virtual job interview. It's not difficult if you are prepared.

Project Management of Millions for Graduate

AUT graduate Jerin Prasad

Can you imagine working on multi-million dollar projects as a graduate? Jerin Prasad doesn’t have to imagine it – he is doing it on a daily basis, thanks to AUT talenthub.

Making it easy for employers to recruit at AUT

Getting ready for job interview a

The desire to bring the fresh ideas and energy of interns and graduates into an organisation can sometimes be dulled by the time consuming and fraught experience of recruitment.

However that experience is turning into a very positive one for employers using AUT talenthub, a tailored on-campus recruitment service that offers a free and straightforward way for employers to access AUT students and graduates.

Success with job hunting through AUT talenthub

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Looking for an internship or graduate role is a time consuming process as students juggle study and job search. It can be made even harder when you find you’re scrolling through heaps of jobs that are not targeting the graduate or internship market.

That experience became much easier for three AUT students who successfully landed great roles after signing up to AUT talenthub, an AUT recruitment service specifically for AUT students and new graduates.

Finding Inspiration Online

Rael Choi watching MYOB presentation

Wanting a bit of inspiration but don’t know where to find it? AUT accounting student Rael Choi is findint inspiration through AUT Employability online presentations workshops. Here's what has inspired her - what might inspire you?