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LinkedIn photo - Do's and Don'ts

not good look

LinkedIn profiles that include a picture are 14 times more likely to be seen, according to LinkedIn research. This makes your profile picture a very important part of your LinkedIn profile whether you want to have your photo up there or not.

Professional and Personal Wins through Beyond AUT

Beyond AUT overall winner Karan George receiving prize from 4 Points by Sheraton

A significant chapter of personal and professional growth is how Beyond AUT Award Overall Prize winner Karan George describes her Beyond AUT Award journey. “The award has helped develop my leadership skills, bolster my confidence, and foster community engagement and compassion,” she says.

Self Belief Grew Through AUT Edge Award

AUT Edge Award personal growth winner Khadija Alqassabi

The decision to take up the AUT Edge Award was a game changer for Khadija Alqassadi who developed a renewed belief in her abilities through the award.

Volunteering creates many new experiences

AUT Edge Award Volunteering prize winner Hannah Whyte

“The AUT Edge Award has given me the opportunity to gain confidence and find new experiences in which to push myself out of my comfort zone,” says Hannah Whyte who logged over 1000 hours of volunteering throughout her award journey.

Creative portfolio guidelines from experts

Creative Portfolio guideline session

Tips on how to put together an effective creative portfolio were offered by two experienced industry experts, Milk NZ managing director Ben Reid and senior studio creative Steve Grant, at a presentation on creative portfolios held recently at AUT. Read more about their advice here.

Happy to keep looking for career direction

Jordan Anderson, AUT ECE Graduate

It can take time to find your place in the world. If you’re feeling unsure about the study you’re undertaking, it is okay to take a deep breath and reflect on what you’re doing. Is it just a difficult point in your study or could there be a better career path for you?  As AUT graduate Jordan Anderson found out, it is better to have a break and work out what you really enjoy,  rather than slog on unhappily.

Gaming World Opens Up for 3D Animator

AUT Game Design Graduate Reuben Shortland

What on earth do you do as a 3D Animator in game design? It sounds exciting, being a 3D animator for a game design company – and it is, says Māori creative Reuben Shortland (Ngāti Hine) who works for Metia Interactive. It is also a world we you keep learning and learning.

Don't ignore a grad job because of the title

You got this job

You are very unlikely to go into your dream job immediately after you graduate. No, don’t sigh and bin this blog. All I’m saying is that often the best entry level graduate roles do not sound like dream jobs, but they will lead to them if you’re good at what you do.

Why on earth would you want to create 'bump space' for a living?

Spatial designer at Ockham Collective Ethan Hoogenboom

Bump spaces? Whaaat? Well they’re nothing too out of this world, but simply where you might bump into neighbours or locals as you go about your day, says Ockham Residential spatial designer Ethan Hoogenboom.And, while it may not always feel desirable to bump into your neighbour when you’ve been hosting loud parties, the need for bump space is becoming increasingly vital as we move into more intensified and smaller living spaces.