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Jump into change - use it to help you

Jumping on a highway

So much change and so quickly! We’ve all been scrambling to cope with new approaches to learning and communicating, creation of bubbles and managing our time differently.

While this change has been fast, furious and unprecedented, the way you deal with it could make a huge difference to you from an employability and careers perspective.

5 Tips on looking good (professionally) online

Not a good online look

Do you want your employment opportunities doomed because of your online look? Do you want to stand out from the crowd because you have jam down your top, greasy hair, an unmade bed or a flatmate fooling around in the background?  Maybe not?

What's it like having a career where … you’re helping people fight to prolong their lives

MLS Lon Hua at work at IGENZ

“When we find a result for terminally ill patients that links to a drug to improve their quality of life, the feeling is priceless,” says Lon Hua with a big smile.

No, Lon is not a front-line medical health specialist, but a medical laboratory scientist providing key test results - behind the scene - for people suffering with a terminal illness.

“As a medical laboratory scientist – you can make a big impact in the medical and healthcare sector,” says Lon.

Why would you want a career where ... you are literally a messenger

NZSL interpreter Rebekah Guy

Weddings, funerals, medical appointments, courtroom processes - the happy, the sad, the bad, the ugly - As the messenger New Zealand Sign Language Interpreters are the conduit for all information. It's a job where you are the focus of attention but can't control the message.

Online for Business as Usual with AUT Employability Lab

Employability Lab online

No shopping, cafes, parties, beaches etc etc! How are you getting on in this surreal world we’re temporarily inhabiting?  Already bored and looking for something to get your teeth into? How about using the time to get ready for the workforce?

How to show yourself positively

Just too shy

Let's face it, Kiwis are not great at telling people about themselves, or heaven forbid, actually talking themselves up about anything. Am I right?

Yet this is really what you have to do when we’re told to find our “authentic selves” when talking to employers at events or putting a CV and cover letter together.

Buzzing Business, Economics and Law Fairs

Career Fair conversation in action

Busy, noisy and energising – the Business and Economics and Law Career Fairs last week were buzzing as students met employers and found out about job possibilities. Although some students find it difficult to approach organisations, career fairs are a great place to get in front of potential employers.

Why on earth would you want to create 'bump space' for a living?

Spatial designer at Ockham Collective Ethan Hoogenboom

Bump spaces? Whaaat? Well they’re nothing too out of this world, but simply where you might bump into neighbours or locals as you go about your day, says Ockham Residential spatial designer Ethan Hoogenboom.

And, while it may not always feel desirable to bump into your neighbour when you’ve been hosting loud parties, the need for bump space is becoming increasingly vital as we move into more intensified and smaller living spaces.

March Madness for Employability

Business and Career fair chatter

Employability and career opportunities are hot topics over March with three career fairs running within four weeks, along with multiple employer presentations and preparatory workshops for students. Employers come on campus to meet up with potential employees.

Make sure you stand out at Career Fairs

Are you ready

Employers love meeting people who are proactive, curious and well prepared. They will remember you if you take an interest, ask questions and show an understanding of what their organisation does. And soon there will be crowds of employers coming on campus to career fairs to meet you.