Plenty of career help at AUT

AUT Employability specialist in workshop

We have heaps of great employability and career help for you at AUT, including the Employability Lab, Elab Online and NZUni Talent. 
Who? What? I know - a list of unfathomable names, so here’s the lowdown on what we have and how you can access it. Read on because we are easy to find and access and can really help you with career decision making or job search etc.

Employability Lab

This is our City Campus home at WA202 - and it isn’t a laboratory (I know, confusing!). The Employability Lab - nicknamed Elab - is where you:

  • Attend practical workshops about CV writing, job search, networking, interview practice, LinkedIn profiles etc
  • Take part in presentations by employers and community leaders talking about their organisations, industry, graduate programmes and roles
  • Participate in one-to-one appointments on anything to do with careers and employability
  • Hear about the AUT Edge Award and Beyond AUT Award through info sessions
  • Access the QR code for our Future Career Sheets which are now online.

You are more than welcome to drop in and say hello, sign up for sessions or to have a chat to our wonderful employability and career specialists. If we’re busy, sign onto Elab Online to make an appointment another time or browse our Career Sheets or other resources.

Not studying at city campus?

No worries. Our staff go to North and South Campus to run workshops organised by faculties and we sometimes follow these up with CV/cover letter drop ins and one-on-one appointments. If you know a workshop is coming up and you'd like to request a one-on-one appointment please email us:

Online workshops and 1:1 appointments

You can also book online for workshops and individual appointments if you prefer by signing up to Elab Online.

So what is AUT Elab Online??

This is our online home where you sign up for all the events, workshops and career support offered by our team, including:Elab Online entry point

  • Employability and career services for students and graduates (whether on campus or remotely delivered)
  • Employer presentations and Career Expos (whether on campus or remotely delivered)
  • Graduate recruitment job opportunities, along with internships and some co-op listings
  • Our employability and career resources such as CV samples, interview questions examples etc

You can also access -

  • Online CV and LinkedIn checks
  • Online interview practice
  • Tools to improve your job search and information to help your career planning
  • AUT Edge Award and Beyond AUT registration and volunteering information.

It is easy to sign up to Elab Online. Follow this link, click on 'Current Student', add your AUT user name and password -  and you 're in.

Online options

NZUni Talent

Elab Online is home to the NZUni Talent job board. This is a great job board because it is a popular recruitment job board for employers looking for graduates. Look here for internships, graduate programmes and co-op type opportunities across the country. NZUni Talent is only open to tertiary students and graduates (up to two years) and employers only advertise if they’re wanting a graduate so it is a good place to sign up. Graduates can access it for two years after graduation too. Access through Elab Online.

AUT Edge Award and Beyond AUT Award

Great graduates blackboard

These are our employability awards that help you build up the skills employers love - confidence, communication, teamwork, cultural competence, time management etc. The AUT Edge Award is for undergraduate students and the Beyond AUT Award is for postgraduates, and involves volunteering, leadership activities etc. This award appears on your academic transcript so it is a significant achievement. Find out more through  - yep, you've guessed it - Elab Online or email:

To sum us up

Elab Online is the online home for all our resources and employer job ads.
It is also the booking system for our online and on campus workshops and events, including those run at the Employability Lab, the on-campus location for our employability and career specialists.

AUT Edge Award and Beyond AUT Awards are two programmes to help build up employability skills and run by Employability and Careers.

NZUni Talent is a general New Zealand tertiary job board found on Elab Online.

Hope this has helped! Look forward to seeing you around.