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Lots of career support at AUT

Students passing by WA202, the AUT Employability Lab

Not sure if you’re on the right track with your career choices? Want to get your CV updated? Keen to find out how to meet employers? We have heaps of great employability and career help for you at AUT.

Do Something for Nothing and Gain Heaps

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Doing something for nothing? Why would you? Actually there are compelling career reasons for volunteering, as well as giving back to your community! And it isn't just me banging on about it! Big players like SEEK agree.

Graduate role is starting point to greatness

Roselle Samaratunga - AUT

The role you take as a graduate is often a starting point from where you can develop the transferable skills you need to land the role you dream of. This was certainly the experience of Zymus International applications technologist Roselle Samaratunga.

What is the big deal about Career Expos?

AUT Business and Law Career Expo

Why go to career expos? Because that is where you meet real employers and have real conversations about the world after AUT. Find out more about invaluable advice from employers and insights from students about the value of career expos – and other career events.

Why is NZ Work Experience Important

Group of young workers discussing a project

International students often tell us they feel very confused when employers say they want NZ work experience, despite the students having a wealth of experience in their own country. We explain what employers are looking for and how you can improve your job search opportunities.

Why do an Employability Award?

Group of volunteers doing a beach clean up

Why do an employability award when you are already busy with study, sport, family, socialising etc?  Rosemary Heather wondered that too. But when she did check it out, she quickly saw the benefits. Now happily employed as a food science analyst, Rosemary encourages other students to make the most of the award opportunities.

Stand out in the crowd to employers

Student chatting to employer at AUT career expo

Employers love meeting people who are proactive, curious and well prepared. They will remember you if you take an interest, ask questions and show an understanding of what their organisation does. Over March and April there will be crowds of employers coming on campus to career expos and events to meet you. Here are 6 tips on how to stand out.

Top Tips for 2024 Career Expos

look good at career fairs

Wondering how to meet employers? Then make the most of the opportunity to meet a large number of employers on city campus at AUT by attending the upcoming career expos this semester.  Are you ready to shine like a peacock at the next career fair? Here are tips on how to put your best foot forward.

How international students can get ahead of the competition

Group of young international employees

Are you an international student? Read our five essential tips outlining what you need to focus on to improve your chances of finding work in New Zealand when you graduate.  A great degree is a good start, and then….

Changing career focus works

Three great graduates cover

Five AUT graduates talk about how their paths changed as they progressed through their tertiary study. They have found productive and stimulating careers that are quite different from their initial dreams and expectations.