How Bad is your CV?

April 15, 2019

Frustrated attempt at CV

Are you the proud owner of a bad CV? How do you know what to put into a CV? Here is a check list of the things to avoid.

Networking is possible to conquer

April 2, 2019

Practise shaking hands - dog

Fronting up to a stranger, particularly someone who may end up being your employer, is not the easiest thing to do in the world. It can be terrifying, yet that is what you need to do at events such as career fairs, right?

The good news is that it is really really possible to become good at networking – at communicating and developing a connection with strangers. Read how five graduates overcame their reluctance to network – and ended up in great jobs - by lots of practice.

Is it a Job Fair or a Career Fair?

March 26, 2019

Chatting with employer at business career fair

After the last career fair we had a few students question why more employers weren't taking applications for specific jobs on the day. Employers come to career fairs looking for opportunities to start engaging with students who will be looking for internships or graduate roles at a later date. Most do not come expecting to find someone to fill a role on the day.

AUT Law Students Society

March 26, 2019

AUT Law Students Society

AUT Law Students’ Society acts as a vital link between law students, the faculty, the legal profession and other students. Our aim is to be key source of support to AUT law students’ in every area we possibly can.

Why is NZ Workplace Experience so important?

March 22, 2019

People in coffee meeting

Often international students feel very confused when employers say they want NZ work experience. What do employers actually mean - and why is it important? What if you already have a wealth of experience from your own country?

Employers delighted with student engagement

March 18, 2019

Bus and Econ Career Fair 2019 crowd

Being prepped before going to an event makes a huge difference as was demonstrated at the recent Business and Economics Fair where employers were delighted with the number of students that turned up with pertinent questions and good knowledge.

Big Event for Business & Economics students

March 5, 2019

Business Career Fair group shot

The biggest event of the year for Business & Economics students is the career fair coming up 11 March. Make the most of the opportunity to get in front of local and global employers in a safe environment.

Tips for the Business & Economics Career Fair

March 5, 2019

look good at career fairs

Make the most of the opportunity to meet a large number of employers on city campus at AUT by coming to the Business and Economics Career Fair on March 11. Here are tips on how to put your best foot forward.

AUT Physiotherapy Match Ready

February 15, 2019

AUT Physiotherapy

Our team is very excited to host our second Physiotherapy Match Ready in late February and March to help equip students for the workplace, give them the opportunity to network with future employers and learn about graduate opportunities.

We are pleased to welcome employers from the ACC, Physiotherapy New Zealand, Active Plus, and Jelley Consulting to talk to our current AUT 4th year physiotherapy students.

Some of our AUT physiotherapy graduates share their own experiences about their own career journey, why they pursued physiotherapy and where they are now.

Demystifying Graduate Programmes and Work Placements

February 14, 2019

work experience

Experience in the workplace is gold to employers and they rate it highly. AUT offers a range of opportunities for students to gain work place experience, some compulsory, some not.


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