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How to stand out in a disruptive employment market

Panda standing out in crowd

There is no magic to standing out in a disruptive employment market! It is about simple things – knowing who you are, what your skills are and how to look for opportunities, according to the recruiters and employers speaking at Employability Matters at AUT recently.

What on earth does a Scrum Master do?

Radically Scrum Master Siobhan Flynn

Scrum master Siobhan Flynn doesn’t chase a rugby ball around a field or hook her arms around someone’s hairy thighs. Nothing like that, much to the surprise of some people.

“Even though my title says scrum master, it has nothing to do with rugby. I’m not even a sporty person,” laughs Siobhan.

Employer Tips on CVs, Interviews etc

Mouthy horse

There is nothing better than advice from the horse's mouth! Last semester a number of employers came on campus to give tips about how to write CVs and cover letters, prepare for interviews and approach work experience.

Studentforce - a novel response to unprecedented times

Studentforce answer to work prep

Challenge: Students need work experience yet organisations can’t afford to take extra staff on. Solution: AUT Studentforce. Post Covid 19 is a tough environment for final year students looking to enter the workplace. Many organisations are facing economic challenges and not able to offer part time work, internships or graduate roles in the foreseeable future. Yet - for many - now is the time they need an extra pair of hands for a project to help them through.

2020 Cisco MentorMe Program

Cisco Mentor ME

The Cisco MentorMe program was a unique opportunity to develop my personal brand and achieve my goals with the guidance of a mentor who has years of experience in the industry, says AUT software development student Bernadette Cruz.

How to adapt and network after Covid-19

Jungle Gym in colour

Careers these days are like jungle gyms, declared Seek NZ Customer Success Manager Gemma Richardson in her presentation to AUT students at Employability Matters in late May.

So be nimble like kids on playgrounds - face the challenges, scramble about, find your way and be adaptable. You’ll be surprised at how far you can go on your career journey.

Identifying and building your skills

Finger pointing at you

Got no skills that employers would want? You’d be surprised how many skills you’re developing, alongside your technical professional skills, as you study, work and play. Get some pointers from four employers who recently presented at AUT Employability Matters!

Why is NZ Workplace Experience so important?

work experience

Often international students feel very confused when employers say they want NZ work experience. What do employers actually mean and why is it important? What if you already have a wealth of experience from your own country behind you?

What is thought leadership? How to start your thought leadership journey now!

Question mark of thought

What if you didn’t have to climb the corporate ladder to become a leader? What if you could influence a range of people, across and beyond your own industry?  What if you could use that idea that you’ve always had in the back of your mind to propel you to amazing horizons?

How international students can get ahead of the competition

The more you know about the job market in New Zealand and the way New Zealand employers approach recruitment, the better your chances will be of finding work. Don't know any Kiwi employers? No problem! Here are some ways to start to develop job search knowledge and expertise from AUT employability and careers specialist Rebecca Du.