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Why would you want to work in a career ... that outsiders don't understand?

Roberto OT resized

When Roberto Jatulan tells strangers where he works, the response is usually negative. Why would you want to do occupational therapy in mental health, he is asked.

“Usually people are intimidated by the fact that I’m dealing with people with mental health illness and it is hard to blame them when the media offers so much negative portrayal …. but most of that is a misrepresentation. It is very fulfilling work,” says Roberto, who works at a rehabilitation unit for people struggling with mental illness; the Buchanan Clinical Rehabilitation Service.

Why would you want a career .... dealing with grotty feet?

Diabetic podiatrist working on a foot

Smelly, spongy or gangrenous – whatever condition feet are in – diabetic podiatrist Ramona Frost finds it a challenge and a puzzle to make feet better. It's a career she loves because of the difference it can make to people's lives.

First Beyond AUT graduate pulls out all stops

Dual awards Selena Volodzskis

A feisty go-getter is the first AUT student to gain both the AUT Edge Award and the inaugural postgraduate Beyond AUT Award. To do two awards concurrently is a big ask for anyone, especially someone with extra responsibilities.

AUT Edge Award offers great experiences

2019 Dec Edge Award Winners

Want to have fun with others while improving your employability skills and doing something purposeful? For many AUT students the AUT Edge Award offers just that. Here is what the top five AUT Edge Award students from last semester have to say.

Know your kaupapa, know your why!


Know your why! Know your kaupapa! Know the island you’re trying to get to! Then find your niche. Be the bridge. Follow your passion. Make a difference in whatever way you can, no matter how small.

These were the aspirational messages from a number of outstanding speakers that were invited onto campus this semester.

Let LinkedIn work for you!

 Hand out of computer screen

Want to know how to create a more detailed story of you, your brand, your passions and the route your career is taking that can be accessed by potential employers? Emma O’Mahony from Robert Walters specialist recruitment agency generously gave me time to explain why she swears by LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

Bringing passion into the mix

Jumping with joy at work

Are you someone who has a passion for something but just cannot see how to turn it into a career path? Opening up to possibilities other than the expected pathways can be quite intimidating but those that think outside the square about their passions find it richly rewarding.

Do what you're afraid to do, says AUT Edge Award winner

AUT Edge Award overall winner Jackie Chan

The best way to overcome fear is to ‘do what you’re afraid to do’, says AUT student Jackie Chan, who received the AUT Edge Award Overall Achievement prize winner at the graduation ceremony late July, excelling in her leadership and volunteering work through the Award.

Sell Yourself at the Career Fair

You can do it

Dynamic and fun is the best way to describe the hospitality, tourism and events industry, and if you want to become part of it you need to learn how to sell yourself, according to the three panelists from Sky City, Vodafone Event Centre and International Hotel Group at last week’s Match Ready workshop at AUT.