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Marine Science leads to Museum role

AUT Masters in Marine Science Graduate Jaever Santos

Be proactive about your passion, advises AUT Master of Marine Science  alumni Jaever Santos, who as a kid loved  "creepy ocean stuff". That became the pathway to marine conservation postgraduate  research and a role at Australian Museum.

Passion for conservation

By following his passion for conservation, Harri Raby is developing strong conservationist skills that are providing work opportunities in both land based and marine environments for the marine and environmental scientist.

Building up skills employers love

Employer welcoming new worker

Employers love to see you have developed good life skills and professional skills as well as academic knowledge. They also want to hear you talk positively about those skills. Sound tricky? It need not be. There are plenty of ways you can identify and/or develop the right soft skills.  Part time work, volunteering and academic projects all build a picture of someone with a great range of transferable life skills.

Good Vibe at Business and Career Expo

Foodies at AUT business career expo

“The career expo was a really easy way to make contact with a lot of employers,” says AUT Master in Supply Chain Management student Dewi Muliyati. She was one of over 600 students that took advantage of the large gathering of 50plus employers at the business and law career expo. Employers hardly had time to draw a breath throughout the two hours of the expo as they encouraged students to register expressions of interest for 2024 internships or graduate programmes or discussed career opportunities within their sector. Read more about how students approached the event.

Learning how to Network is like Muscle Training

Regan Ujara AUT

Learning how to network has paid dividends to Regan Ujara. The third year law student likens developing networking skills to muscle training - the more you practise, the better you get at it. Networking practice is encouraged by Employability and Careers, and by employers.

Practising how to network at Career Expo paid off

AUT graduate Lavenia Tailai-Mataitini

Practising how to network can feel uncomfortable, but if you push through your awkwardness it can pay off, as Lavenia Tailai-Mataitini found when she attended a career expo and learned about the internship she is now undertaking with Auckland Transport.

Networking is possible to conquer

Practise shaking hands - dog

Fronting up to a stranger, particularly someone who may end up being your employer, is not the easiest thing to do in the world. It can be terrifying, yet that is what you need to do at events such as career expos, right?

The good news is that it is really really possible to develop good networking skills – communicating and developing a connection with strangers. Read how five graduates overcame their reluctance to network – and ended up in great jobs - by lots of practice.

Volunteering Adds Value to your CV

Volunteering in conservatio

Do you look at your CV and feel it is a bit thin on activities and experience? How do you show an employer you’re good at being organised or team work, when you don’t have any proof? Have you ever considered the benefits of volunteering.

Don't restrict yourself to a job title

Design strategist Liam

Gaming attracted Liam O’Reilly-Gevert into a design degree that quickly opened up “a million and one other possibilities” and the realisation that your job title doesn’t have to reflect the name of your degree.

Thriving on community challenges as health promoter

PGF health promoter Shayal Mala

“I truly believe it makes a huge difference being able to wake up, go to work and really enjoy what you do. I love being out in the community and helping people - for me money isn’t a motivator but leaving a positive impression in people’s lives," says Shayal Mala PGF Services health promoter and AUT health promotion and public health graduate.