Unexpected Gains from AUT Edge Award

August 14, 2017

Eat volunteers

Lacking in confidence? Keen to make a difference? Want to improve your leadership, communication, networking, job search skills? Try the AUT Edge Award. Call it shyness or lack of confidence but a number of our Edge Awarders say they’ve learned valuable lessons about overcoming those tongue tied, red faced, stuttering moments when you know you’re doing yourself a huge injustice but can’t seem to stop yourself.

August PR Visa Changes and You

August 14, 2017

Wanting to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) under Immigration NZ's Skilled Migrant Category? Here are some tips.

Meet Employability Manager Vanessa Freeman

August 14, 2017


Fast paced roles in marketing and events, including leading the destination marketing team for Lake Taupo and providing the event marketing for IRONMAN New Zealand and the ASB Auckland Marathon are all part of Vanessa Freeman's work history.

More recently Vanessa (Ngati Raukawa/Moriori) has brought her considerable skills and zest for life to the role of employability relationship manager at AUT, and was a significant part of the team that organised the successful May Employability Matters.

Visual Artist Alex Bartleet

August 14, 2017

Visual arts grad

The drive to make art has been unshakeable for self-employed visual artist Alex Bartleet, despite forays into advertising. Currently Alex is in London working as an art technician hanging exhibitions that include Andy Warhol, Picasso and Mattisse, while also working on his own art. And he's loving it.

Get ahead of the competition as an International Student

August 14, 2017

A victorious job hunter

A qualification is a great start to finding employment but you also need to develop work ready skills and experience to improve your chances of finding a good job that fits visa requirements.

Networking in Fear

August 14, 2017

Forest Gump

I take a deep breath and step inside the room. People are clustered everywhere chatting, laughing, hahaha. Who do I know? No, I’m here to make new contacts. Hmm, drinks in the corner, I’ll work my way over there and hope like hell someone approaches me. How long before I can slip away?

Meet Annabel our Employability Relationship Manager

August 14, 2017

Annabel in snow

From police work and snow sports, to law and not-for-profit fundraising, Employability Relationship Manager Annabel Reyes has worked and travelled the world. More recently she has brought her considerable experience and energy to AUT, building relationships with employers, industries, faculties and students to expand AUT graduate industry knowledge and employment outcomes.

Fly High into Your Career

August 11, 2017

Alisha Lovrich

After completing her Bachelor of Design, Alisha Lovrich wasn’t totally sure where she wanted to go. An undergrad project with a friend marked the beginning of a fruitful and exciting journey with Athletics New Zealand, New Zealand Pole Vault and many more diverse freelance design and photography opportunities.

AUT ICT and Engineering Careers Fair

August 10, 2017

Magnifying Glass Job

I am a second year Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (BCIS) student, and since I started my programme at AUT, my thinking has been all about classes and student life; what I need to do to be a good student and get good grads, who I will meet, and what experiences I will have on campus. Attending the ICT and Engineering Careers Fair has given me lots to think about after my student life has come to a completion.

Bridging the Gap Between Uni and Career

August 10, 2017

Springboard to your career

Did you know that Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is the second largest and fastest growing University in New Zealand, with over 2,500 staff and close to 28,000 students? Bridge the gap between uni life and your career - join AUT Graduate Programme. Our current AUT graduates share their experiences with us and share why the  is the ideal springboard to help you launch your career.


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