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AUT Employability and Careers focuses on helping you develop the skills to stand out to employers when looking for a work placement or graduate job. We are also here to help you if you are worried about your career direction and want to discuss your career decisions now or in the future.

What we offerEmployability specialist running a workshop in Elab

As well as helping you develop your CV and cover letters, interview, networking and social media skills, we also bring employers and leaders onto campus to talk about their industries, internships and graduate programmes. This means you get lots of opportunities to meet potential employers.

Workshops and presentations

We have heaps of great workshops for you that are run in the Employability Lab and online covering everything from CV and cover letters to networking, job search and career development.  Book online through Elab Online to do a workshop or presentation.

Career appointments

The team are also experts in helping you untangle your career dreams and challenges, whatever they may be. To make an individual appointment, book through Elab Online. These bookings can be by Zoom or face-to-face.

Connecting with employers

Our employability relationships managers  liaise with employers and organisations, bringing them onto campus (or into online events) to help you network with people from the workplace and hearBusiness and Economics Career Fair about their recruitment campaigns and their industries. Look out for these events on Elab Online.

You can also find job boards, including NZunitalent and International Jobs, through Elab Online.  NZunitalent is a  graduate focused job board and an important source of potential internships and graduate roles.

Employability Awards

The AUT Edge Award (undergraduate) and Beyond AUT Award (postgraduate) are run by the Employability and Careers team. These awards offer the opportunity to  make connections with other students, people and organisations around Auckland, improve your communications, grow your confidence - and have some fun!


A wide range of resources are available for AUT students, including My Career Lab (access through Elab Online), and the Future Career Sheets that outline the skills, trends and workplaces of many of the fields our graduates enter.
You will also find lots of useful information in this blog, home to lots of tips and ideas, as well as profiles on students and graduates.

How to find us on campus

The Employability Lab is located at WA 202 on City Campus. Also known as Elab, this is where you'll attend workshops, employer presentations or career appointments. You are welcome to pop in any time.

Elab Online landing pageOur appointments and workshops are also offered online throughout the week so students can engage online by appointment from Monday to Friday.

Our employability specialists visit the North and South Student Hubs when there are student bookings, so please pre-book your appointment if you want to see an employability and careers specialist on South or North campus. You can of course, also have an online appointment.

Don't forget that access to all our workshops, events, appointments and resources is through Elab Online. Not signed in before? It's easy. Click on 'Current Student', then enter your AUT student name and password.

Or email us on employability@aut.ac.nz

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