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Elabonline? Employability Lab? AUT talenthub?


Employability? Talenthub? Elabonline? Confused? Here is a short outline of each of these great services and how you can use them to become work ready!

Help yourself while helping others over summer

Volunteering for Legasea

Over your university summer break you’ll be getting plenty of opportunities to relax and revitalise – and hopefully build up new skills and experiences. Summer jobs are one great way to gain employability skills but if you can't get a job, try volunteering.

Personal Statement? Career Objective? It's about You!

Finger pointing to you

Feeling a bit unsure about whether you should be including a personal statement or a career objective in your application and/or CV? Not even sure what the difference is between the two? Read on....

How do you find an internship?

Hunting in the laundromat

Searching for an internship requires a bit of determination - just like searching for your socks in the laundromat,  But there are many ways to find an internships - formally and informally - as you'll see in this blog.

How to put together a great creative portfolio

 Bright design on home page

A great online portfolio showcases your creative skills and helps you stand out when applying for jobs. Read our 7 tips and other advice on how to start to create a great online presence that will help you find work.

Tips on CVs for Creative and Design Roles

Peacock showing plumage

How do you put your best self forward when applying for design or other creative roles? By providing a CV and online portfolio – yes you need both and they need to be separate.

How to grow and change in 2021

Cropped unruly tomatoes

Grow your mindset. Feed your curiosity. Let it run wild a bit. Yes I know this is sounding like a gardening blog, but it’s summer, a brand new year and a fruitful opportunity to change, develop and grow within ourselves. And it's not difficult, it just requires curiosity and going a bit wild (like the tomatoes).

Employability Awards graduation celebrates huge success in difficult times

MYOB Shailan Patel presenting prize

Fulfilling academic study this year has been tough, yet 80 AUT Edge and Beyond Award students managed to also successfully complete their awards despite arduous times.

Great commitment from 2020 Beyond AUT Award Winners

Siddharth Thyagaraj Beyond AUT prize winner

The 15 students that completed the Beyond AUT Award this year demonstrated great resilience and resourcefulness, with two standing out in particular. Read how the Award has made such a difference to their lives.

Big Achievement in Covid Year for Edge Award Prize Winners

Jude with Anna 2

The two Edge Award Overall Prize Winners undertook a huge number of hours of volunteering and leadership that not only showed a huge commitment to community, but pushed them to become much stronger and confident people.