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Gentrack graduate developer Gerard Gomez

Finding a great graduate role takes time and energy, but  using AUT talenthub made a big difference to the outcome for AUT graduate Gerard Gomez, who recently landed a graduate software engineering role at Gentrack.

Gerard says AUT talenthub helped him stand out from the other graduate software engineers vying for roles. He highly recommends students get in contact with AUT talenthub as soon as they decide to start looking for a job.
“Sign up and start applying for roles, even if you’re not sure you’d qualify for some of them because any interviews you do give you experience on how to answer certain questions and help you build confidence.”

He start job hunting in February, applying through Seek, LinkedIn and GradNZ before signing up with AUT talenthub. Gerard says the biggest advantage with AUT talenthub is that you’re not stumbling along trying to figure it all out by yourself. AUT talenthub manager Sunnie Vo helped Gerard become a strong candidate by offering advice about his CV and help with preparing for interviews.
“Having someone to ask if you are doing things right with your answers makes such a huge difference. Sunnie would also celebrate the small wins, like getting to an interview and passing hiring stages. She provided a lot of support over the months when I was looking for a good role.”

AUT talenthub relationship manager Sunnie Vo says searching for a job as a fresh graduate should not be too challenging if you take the right approach from the beginning, particularly if you tap into AUT talenthub.
“The formula is simple: A good CV + good interview preparation + 1% of luck = landing a job.”

AUT Employability services offers lots of help with preparing CVs and generic interview preparation, while AUT talenthub will help you zone in on suitable roles – some of which you may not even know about, says Sunnie.
“Talenthub will also further enhance your CV and help you think about how to approach interviews for specific roles. And if that 1% of luck does not happen in the last interview you attended, don’t give up. It will be in the next one!”

Gerard says Sunnie really encouraged him to keep going and not give up when was first rejected - a big hurdle for anyone to get over.
“If you start feeling demotivated, talk to the person that talenthub has provided you with and they can reassure you are doing everything right and that you will eventually land the right job offer.”

Now settled into his software developer graduate role at Gentrack, Gerard hopes to develop a career that will eventually lead to opportunities overseas. Gentrack offers innovative cleantech solutions to utilities across the world, working with some of the world’s biggest energy and water companies, as well as innovative challenger brands.
“I’m really enjoying the learning process behind becoming a good developer. And AUT talenthub gave me the support to get here.”

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