Digital Platform Recruitment Tips

There are many ways to maximise your exposure to job opportunities, such as networking, going to career fairs and attending industry events. Online job platforms like SEEK and TradeMe are very important sources for employment, but also huge time wasters unless you use them strategically.

Here are tips from representatives of three digital recruitment platforms, SEEK, TradeMe and LinkedIn*, who attended a session at Employability Matters on how to make the most of their services.

  • Set up a SEEK profile so you can receive relevant and appropriate job applications
  • Don’t just focus on your technical skills – think about what makes you unique – specific experiences, projects, languages, volunteering and so on
  • Always create a pdf for your CV when you upload it to your profile (on any platform). This preserves formatting regardless of which device it is opened on
  • Make the most of SEEK Volunteer – there are over 800 organisations signed up. A SEEK volunteer survey found 83% of employers viewed volunteering as ‘highly favourable’ and, if they had to choose between two final applicants, they would choose the applicant with volunteering experiences
  • SEEK Video Screen is another great way for companies to ‘meet’ you through viewing a candidate video interview of you
  • Sign up to receive the extensive resources SEEK produce each month on salary/job trends/insights as well as general career advice. This will provide invaluable information about the world of work to help your applications
  • Register for Sidekicker, a very flexible platform (in partnership with SEEK) where people can register for all types of temp work, and where companies can hire temporary workers

  • Set up multiple profiles with customised CVs for each
  • The small things count – a professional email address, spelling, grammar
  • 1st impressions count – and your CV and profile create that 1st impression
  • Use your cover letter to showcase your personality and to stand out – what will do that for you? What is your X-factor?
  • TradeMe also publishes valuable insights on salaries and general career advice

LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented social networking service. Around 95% of employers use LinkedIn to search for employees. Employers often approach people who are not saying that they are actively looking to change jobs; 75% of employers have been successful in employing someone this well. So you may well be approached by an employer, even though you are not actively looking for a job – but only if your profile is up to date.

  • Capture your personality and outlook in a distinctive way right from the start with a headline and summary. Avoid jargon, keep it simple
  • Be active in industry group discussions – it makes you really visible to recruiters
  • Make use of visual content such as videos and photos in your profile. These elements enable your profile to stand out
  • Detail your experience, education and accomplishments very specifically

*LinkedIn doesn’t have staff based in NZ, so these insights were presented by a recruiter from Madison Recruitment, where they use LinkedIn extensively in their recruitment practice.

Top tips selected by AUT Employability and Careers specialist Shaun Pulman and social media content manager Kylie Robinson.