Why are panel sessions the best?

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"You really must come along to this panel of graduates...recruiters... industry experts.....come, come, come."

But why you may ask? What is the point?

Here are 6 ways you can benefit from attending employability panel sessions. You get -

1/ Industry knowledge

Industry people talk about the trends and challenges within their sector. Our panels always include at least three people so you get to hear a range of opinions - or hear the same message reiterated  - which tells you that what is being said is a universal truth.Collaborating on project

2/ Graduate insights

Yes, people who stood in your shoes very recently share their journey into work; the highs and lows of the job search and finding their home in the new workplace.

3/ Inside knowledge from recruiters

You get to listen to bunch of recruiters telling you about what they look for in a graduate and how to go about applying for roles.

4/ Great insights and ideas

When you get a group of people bouncing ideas off each other, you get insights into what particular industries are like. I can still be surprised at new things that come up – and I’ve been in the careers industry for decades!

5/ Reality checks

You hear from the ‘horses’ mouth’, - from graduates, industry experts and recruiters in the workplace -  about all sorts of things that you may not have thought about. Employers may talk of attributes they look for that you wouldn’t have thought of, industry may talk about skills you didn’t think to highlight, graduates talk about what they did to network and search for jobs.

6/ To ask yourRevolution Recreative Panel questions

Panelists love answering questions. And no question is too simple.

You also get to hear other students’ questions so if you’re feeling nervous about asking something, it’s good to hear what others ask first (or if you’re lucky ask for you).

Asking questions also puts your face in front of the panel, giving you the opportunity to contact them later and saying you’d spoken at the event.

“When people are bouncing off each other it prompts a whole lot of different thoughts and opinions and that makes it more layered and lively," says AUT Employability Relationship Manager Rachael Marsters who regularly organises panels for AUT students.

There are a number of panel sessions at the upcoming Employability Matters Week,  3-7 May. Choose one, if not a couple. You won't regret it. Register for Employability Matters events now here.

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