Project Management of Millions for Graduate

AUT graduate Jerin Prasad

Can you imagine working on multi-million dollar projects as a graduate? Jerin Prasad doesn’t have to imagine it – he is doing it on a daily basis.

About to complete his first year as a graduate project manager at Babcock International Group, Jerin is continually learning and building up his capabilities.

Babcock offers a full range of marine engineering, survey and refitting services to international and New Zealand vessels from its’ base on the North Shore by the Devonport Naval Base. And graduates are in the thick of it from day one.

“Over the year I have been responsible for the successful delivery of two multimillion dollar projects which has involved maintaining regular communications of risk, project lifecycles and deliverables to Royal New Zealand Navy stakeholders and business heads of Babcock. I’ve also had the opportunity to manage subcontractors and trades teams onsite,” says Jerin who has a postgraduate diploma in mechanical engineering.

As a project manager he plans and executes work at the dockyard, including procuring materials, organising subcontractors and internal trades, scheduling and ensuring health, safety and quality standards are strictly followed.

“I have to ensure work is completed well, and within budget, and conduct risk assessments. I also meet with the client on a regular basis to understand their requirements and update them on progress with the job and financial and physical work forecasting.”

Finding the role

Jerin applied for the role through AUT talenthub, a service he highly recommends because of the support offered, starting from the first call from AUT talenthub candidate manager Jade Bradley (below right).

“Jade discussed the role in depth with me which was extremely informative and something I would never have got via a traditional job posting on websites like SEEK. She described everything I would be doing on a day-to-day basis and the sort of projects I would undertake.”

Having a good understanding of the specifics of the role and how to best meet its requirements really helped him with the interview process, he says. He also researched Babcock International carefully, looking at projects they’d done in the past and finding many that really interested him, which he could then discuss with the interviewers.AUT talenthub manager J Bradley

For the final stage of the interview Jerin had to do a presentation on a project management topic. Jade organised for Jerin to have a practice run of his presentation with some of the Employability and Careers team.

“This practice session calmed my nerves which ensured I presented on the day in a calm and collected manner,” says Jerin.

Starting as a graduate

Landing the role is the first big step, says Jerin, then transitioning from being a student to a professional is another.  This involves things like changing your routine and learning how to manage people of different age groups.

“It brings many responsibilities and I was fortunate my mentor at work was able to help me with this transition.”

Now a year into the role, Jerin loves how his career is developing.  He particularly enjoys being in a workplace where he is continually learning and building up his capabilities.

“I’ve also been able to further my professional development by enrolling in the Master of Engineering Project Management at AUT.”

Babcock and AUT talenthub

Babcock International Australasia Marine Early Careers Lead Samuel Evans recruited Jerin, who was one of 20 early career professionals Babcock takes on each year. Samuel says Babcock looks for graduates and interns with sound education and life skills, and they find AUT project management graduates have a good understanding of the basics of project management.
“AUT teaches students different methodologies, processes, systems etc that allow their students to work in any environment with less training.”

He adds that AUT talenthub’s friendly team and commitment makes the recruitment process less onerous.
“Service is a big one – they’re a friendly team that want to make sure we get the best and give the best.”

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AUT talenthub Jade Bradley working with student

Caption: AUT talenthub candidate manager Jade Bradley in Employability Lab

Written by AUT Employability and Careers writer Angela McCarthy