Students share tips from employers

Student Sam Hadley at zoom

The chance to pick up tips from employers and recruiters is attracting strong numbers of students to  employer presentations run by AUT Employability over the semester.

“I wish I had attended more earlier in my degree as they have been super helpful and informative,” says final year Finance and Management student Sam Hadley (above), who has attended six employer presentations over the past couple of weeks.

Sam found out about the presentations after receiving an email about a session by an employer he was interested in.
“After realising what a great opportunity they were I went actively looking for other ones by browsing the Elab Online website. I see now most are also coming up on Instagram stories.”AUT student Siddarath Kumar

Software Development and Networks and Security student Siddarath Kumar (right) has also been attending employer presentations, keen to learn about internships, graduate roles and opportunities within different companies.

“I also wanted to hear of recent alumni experiences and learn some tips about the recruitment processes.”

As well as learning how to best apply for internships, third Computer and Information Science student Anuk Silva was also keen to network with employers and alumni.

“I wanted to expand my network and create connections with people who are in the industry,” he says.

4 Top Tips for Internships and Graduate Applications

Be yourself

Be yourself and be confident in who you are, says Sam.
“Employers are looking for people who are personable and will work well in their team. It’s great being a super smart student but having strong people skills is equally important.”

Research and be preparedAnuk Silva AUT BCIS student

Research is all important, says Anuk.
“It really is important to thoroughly research the companies where you’re thinking of applying so you are well prepared.”

Siddarath agreed, adding that your research should include looking into company values, as well as their roles.
“Ask plenty of questions to further your understanding and see if the company and the role fits for you.”

Ask questions  question mark

Sam learned it was very important to ask questions.
“Don't be afraid of asking questions. Insightful and meaningful questions prove to senior people in the company that you are interested and willing to learn.”

Anuk says it is important to prepare questions to ask people who are interviewing you, even though you are the one being interviewed.
“It is important to understand that an interview is a 2-way conversation. As the hopeful candidate, you should also get to know who they are and ask them more about the intricate details of the role you are applying for,” says Anuk.

Siddarath says read questions carefully with job applications. “Then clearly convey your responses and be honest and be yourself.”

Network and network

Networking is essential, says Sam.
“Forming strong reliable connections with people provides a strong base for a successful career.”

How to find out about presentations?Workshop running in the Elab

To keep an eye on what is coming up, regularly check Events on Elab Online, or the AUT student app and follow AUT Employability on Facebook and Instagram.

March is a particularly intense month for recruiters but we have employers presenting throughout the year to AUT students so don't panic if you haven't attended anything yet.

We also run regular workshops on CVs and cover letters, interview practice, job search, LinkedIn profiles and more. Book into workshops through Events/Workshops on Elab Online.

Currently all presentations and workshops are online, but we expect to be running on campus  events again very soon.