Employers want to meet you

Crowd scene at AUT BEL Career Fair

We are coming to meet you - come and meet us. That is the callout from employers who are lining up to attend career fairs on campus.

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare talent acquisition adviser Rahul Shah said he was delighted to have the opportunity to be on campus at the recent AUT Business, Law and Economics career fair. He strongly encouraged students to make the most of employer visits.

“We are here for just a short time and we are here to meet you so make yourselves available, come and see us.”FP Healthcare Rahul Shah

Rahul (right) says they come to meet students and to showcase their internship and graduate programmes. They expect students to come and talk to them to find out about the company and what it does.
“I really want to emphasise that you should research the companies you’re interested in before attending a fair. That shows your interest when you talk to us.”

Bell Gully HR advisor Lisa Green and HR co-ordinator Jayden Hira also enjoyed meeting with students in person at the career fair.
“We get a bunch of applications so it is really good to have a face to put to an application – and yes, we do remember people who engage with us,” says Jayden

He adds that career fairs offer a great opportunity for students to talk to corporate firms in a relaxed setting.
“It is heartening to see students put in the effort by coming to the career fair. I don’t get it when students don’t take up this kind of opportunity on their doorstep.”

Les Mills International is kicking off a new graduate programme this year and global talent director Anna Lyman was delighted to spread the word through the career fair. Les Mills International organise the global distribution of the gym programmes, including licensing gyms and working on a raft of digital products. She encourages students to be curious, ask questions and have a sense of their strengths.

“Most of the students who came to talk to us didn’t realise that Les Mills International is not the gym. Once they heard about our graduate programme they asked good questions about the selection process and how to set themselves apart.”

Emma Bryant from Mainfreight training and development was enjoying the in person interactions after virtual presentations. 
“We did a lot of virtual presentations the first half of the year but we find face to face so much better.”

She advises students to come and talk to employers with open minds.
“Ask questions about us - that is why we are here.”

Whatever you do, she says, don’t act disinterested.
“You’ve bothered to be at the career fair so show courtesy and interest if you approach us.”Attending the career fair

Second year marketing student Campbell Jones who attended the Business, Economics and Law career fair was really glad to have the opportunity to meet employers on campus.  
“I really like AUT offering these opportunities,” says Campbell, who looked over the list of businesses attending and picked out five or six to approach.

Fellow marketing student Alison Fernandes says she enjoyed finding out about the market and what employers offer, including the graduate programmes.
“I like how they’ve put in the effort to come and meet us.”

(Caption: L/R Alison Fernandes and Campbell Jones)

Tips - Do

  • Show your curiosity and initiate questions
  • Prepare  by researching.
  • Come with an open mind.

Tips - Don't

  • Act disinterested
  • Rush an answer. Take your time. It is okay to think about what you want to say.
    Grab at the merch without having a conversation.

Want help to prepare?

Then sign up to one of the Career Fair Prep Workshops through Elab Online. The 45 minute workshops run regularly before the career fairs.
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