Bringing passion into the mix

Jumping with joy at work

You love music but you’re hopeless musician. You love gaming but not quite E-Sport League. You love art works but can’t paint to save yourself.

Soccer ballYou love sport but never got into a rep team. You love food but burn your toast, love clothes but can’t sew. You still love these things but you realised long ago that you were never going to ‘become’ a famous musician, artist, DJ, rugby, netballer, fashion designer or chef.

Therefore when someone tells you to follow your passion to get a career you love, you pull a face and think, yeah right! Or you’re told you’ll never feel you’ve done a day’s work if you follow your passion, you think yada, yada, yada.

In fact there are ways you can immerse yourself in your passion/s by developing great skills through your degree, then gettiburned mealng really good at those skills in the workplace. And, all the while, you’re watching out for a position to turn up within your area of passion.

Organisations – sporting, art, food, music, social, music, horticultural, - need administrators, accountants, managers, marketers, ICT people, health professionals, event managers, data analysts… the list can go on and on.

Some people find satisfaction channelling their talents other ways. I know of two young people who have become amazing primary school teachers by drawing on their passions for art and drama within their classroom, much to the delight of their charges. I know of sport lovers who turn young teens lives around as youth workers or community workers, using a common love of sport.

Sport lovers turn young teens lives around as youth workers or community workers,
using a common love of sport.

I know of a film lover who did a media degree, never created a commercial film, but makes amazing videos for corporates, another who organises the locations around Auckland for commercial film makers.

Passions can be tied to values too. You may have a burning desire to be of use to your community’s wellbeing or to social sustainability or preservation of nature. Community well being can be the driver behind people gaining qualifications in health science, social work, Sign Language, criminology, computer programming, web design etc.Doctor working with digital robot

Gaming skills can also help make a difference to people's lives. As Counties Manukau DHB chief executive Margie Apa.says, technology is changing how organisations work with limited resources - such as using video links to connect people to consultants or using apps for mental health support.

A strong passion for sustainability could lead to openings with a number of organisations, including engineering, forestry, ICT, social media, tourism and public services, as organisations look for people with a sustainability mindset to develop models to help their businesses survive.

A number of people will demonstrate how their passions drive them over Employability Matters next week, running on City Campus.

While the most obvious example of integrating your passion will be discussed by the music industry panel, also look out for a number of other speakers and panels. Damaris Coulter, co-founder of successful Coco's Cantina restaurant and of Realness App, has combined her love of food with her passion for sustainability to develop an app focusing on sustainable hospitality.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare are at Employability Matters looking for lawyers to work in regulatory affairs and design patency, bringing together passions for design and health care.

Two friends planting a treeWhile the charities and not-for-profits attending the Volunteering Expo come looking for volunteers, there is plenty of opportunity to ask people on the stands about their belief in what they do and how they got their jobs.

Lifewise & Splice HR group advisor Chel Hemandez, for example, says she’s never felt so satisfied since she started working Lifewise where she is giving back to the community, something she is very passionate about.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Now Crowd presentation on how you can impact on sustainability in the workplace, which means you could take your passion into any number of roles in organisations that care about sustainability.

Other presentations will also open your eyes to other opportunities people have taken up and show integration could be the answer to feeling passionate about what you’re doing, rather than following your passion. So look at what you are good at doing, look at what you love/have a passion for and investigate where those two aspects of you meet.

If you’ve been building up your experience and skills, you’ll be ready when that perfect role pops up