Meet Employability Specialist Shaun Pulman

Shaun calls himself a ‘tertiary traveller’. He has worked in the Careers team at the University of Auckland and at Victoria University of Wellington. He also worked at MIT while employed at Careers NZ and did a project for Unitec. Consequently he has gained a comprehensive understanding of the sector.

It hasn’t been all tertiary work though. Shaun has also worked in areas as diverse as recruitment, telecommunications, marketing, hospitality and the trades, and he tries to bring that breadth of experience to his work when advising students about all aspects of employability.

Project work brought him to AUT, as he was engaged for 12 months in the development and production of AUT’s Future Careers Sheets, which provide extensive information about industry trends, employer needs and the skills required for careers in each major at the university.

He now works as employability specialist within the AUT Employability and Careers team.

His latest project involves the development and implementation of an online career portfolio that allows students to compile a personal website to manage specific and relevant industry and careers information, as well as customise and share their unique and dynamic profile with relevant employers as a job application.

"My dream is that this will replace CVs and cover letters as a means of getting a job."

The software was trialled with 30 students from across AUT over a three-month period this year. Auckland Council and NZME were involved from the start, providing guidance and reviewing the portfolios that the triallists put together.

"Most of the feedback on the process and software has been very positive, but there is a way to go before implementation. Watch this space!" says Shaun.

Outside of employability work at AUT, Shaun enjoys travelling, diving, music, brewing beer and is an avid sports fan.

He is currently coaching his 8-year old son’s cricket team, and grappling with the challenge of explaining leg spin bowling to his young charges.

"Let's say this is marginally less complex than explaining the world of work to our students, but not by much!"


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