Class of 2017 - Meet Mohammad

Meet Mohammad Ladha who is currently studying a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences (Networks and Security) and is part of our AUT Class of 2017 Spotlight series.

What will you be doing next year?

I will be completing my final semester and will graduate in July, during this period I will be pursuing the role of the international officer at AUSM (Auckland University Student Movement) during my time for this role, I hope to establish strong channels of communication between AUT’s international students and making it easier for them to communicate and adjust to New Zealand during their studies and helping them with methods to increase the chances of them having a better future.

After that I hope to be in New Zealand or any other country fulfilling my hopes of travelling around the world working for an IT firm or something similar whilst making a difference towards a better future. I am intrigued to see where my current path takes me. All I know is that the future is out there and I can’t wait to see what I make of myself.

What’s your most memorable AUT experience?

It has been my honour to gain so many experiences during my time at AUT, narrowing it down to just one is extremely tough, however one of them memories that has stayed with me and reminded me of my own past was was at AUT Live, where I got to help a tonne of people and potential students. But this one set of parents came up to me all worried about the programme their son should enrol into, a solid half an hour and a couple of heart to heart conversations later the feeling of fulfilment I got from watching the relief on their faces after I had helped them gave me this unquenchable thirst for helping people. It was after that experience that I decided to do something in order to help people and make a difference within the community of my fellow students, this lead me to becoming the student rep for my programme and also the reason why I pursued the role of international officer at AUSM. It was an awesome moment when I got accepted for the role.

What advice do you have for AUT undergraduates?

The only advice I have for my fellow undergraduate students is to get involved as much as possible and make the most of your time at uni. Helping and communicating with others opens your mind to an unimaginable amount of opportunities. You never know when one moment of kindness could change your life forever.

After you are done with uni and its time to get into the real world, make sure to be proud of who you are and know where you came from, wear your memories, experiences and knowledge like medallions, once you do, there will be no one prouder at you than yourself when you get to the finish line.



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