Class of 2017 - Meet Jason

Meet Jason Clarke who studied a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation and is part of our AUT Class of 2017 Spotlight series.

What will you be doing next year?

Next year I plan to travel around North America for the first half of the year then come back to NZ to start my post-graduate education at AUT. I’m looking at doing a Master of Exercise Science because undergraduate study has only touched the surface of exercise science for me and I have plenty more questions which I would love to answer.

What’s your most memorable AUT experience?

The co-operative education experience; mainly being able to undertake a research project and apply that to the workplace. This experience really confirmed I wanted to further my education.

What advice do you have for AUT undergraduates?

Don't just take what you learn at AUT and apply it to your exams.  Apply it where possible to everyday life - personally this helped me develop a far deeper understanding of my study.



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