Class of 2017 - Meet Chandy

Meet Chandy Borja who studied a Bachelor of International Tourism Management and is part of our AUT Class of 2017 Spotlight series.

What will you be doing next year?

I will be working as a Database Consultant, a position I was offered while I was doing my final year WIL (Work Integrated Learning) placement with Helloworld New Zealand Limited.

This new role involves loading hotel specials and model itineraries. One of my main goals is to go places I’ve always wanted to visit.

What’s your most memorable AUT experience?

I’ve got heaps of memories as an AUT student over the last 6 years. My most memorable experience was when I got two interviews for my WIL placement interview two weeks before the deadline date and my first semester final exams.

The interviews happened on the same day, 1 hour between the other. I chose Helloworld because they called me first, which turned out to be a blessing because they hired me two weeks after I started my WIL placement for the company.

What advice do you have for AUT undergraduates?

Don’t be afraid to fail. Face the challenges of assessment deadlines, presentations, group projects, and final examinations with your GAME FACE ON! Always trust in your abilities, and most importantly, trust God because only He can give you the wisdom you need to overcome those challenges. I had lots of downfalls and failures during my AUT days, but that did not stop me from reaching my dreams. I may be 6 years late on graduating, BUT ALL HARDSHIPS AND SLEEPLESS NIGHTS ARE WORTH IT! Aim high! Dream on! :)


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