Outdoor Challenge for AUT Edge Awarders

Keen to challenge yourself physically and mentally for the AUT Edge Award?  Interested in testing yourself in outdoor activities, while developing leadership skills?

Ever thought of Outward Bound? If you did but have been put off by the cost, think again. As an AUT Edge Award student you are now considered a Community Partner so you’re eligible to apply for a Ka Mahi Scholarship.

This scholarship is offered for 3 week Classic courses that are running between July and September. Ka Mahi covers 50% to 75% of the course, depending on your financial situation. The full cost of the course is $4,349.

The classic 3-week Outward Bound courses includes activities that push you outside your comfort zone, such as abseiling, rock climbing and sailing.

The application deadline is June 30th but the scholarships are allocated on an ongoing basis so we recommend you apply as soon as possible.

"Outward Bound New Zealand is committed to offering our life-changing programmes to all young people, regardless of their ability to contribute to course costs which is why we have the Ka Mahi scholarships," says Outward Bound community development manager Ryan Williams.

Ryan says a number of university students sign up for the July to September courses because the timing fits well around end of semester and mid year university breaks.

"A big part of the experience is meeting people from around the country and from different socio economics groups so it is a social and cultural as well as an outdoor experience."

How to apply?

Ka Mahi Scholarship linkFill in the very straightforward Ka Mahi scholarship application form online. You will need to decide on the criteria you want to apply under – volunteering and community help or financial or emotional challenge. You then write a little bit about what you’ve been doing and experiencing and what you hope to achieve from the course (wanting to achieve the AUT Edge Award isn’t enough – how will this develop you personally?

You’ll also be asked for a referee from an organisation where you’ve done significant volunteering or community work, or a person who can testify to the challenges you are experiencing.

Ryan, the community development manager, calls every applicant so you have a second chance of telling your story. Outward Bound is not looking for great writers, but people who are committed to volunteering or community work and know they will gain a lot from doing an Outward Bound course.

Feel free to come into the Employability Lab and discuss your application with Nicola, our AUT Edge Award specialist. Alternatively, you could email her.

Outward Bound Criteria for Ka Mahi Scholarship

  • Between 18-26 years old 
  • Actively involved in volunteering in your community
    OR actively championing diversity by helping a minority or disadvantaged group
    OR experiencing a financial or emotional challenge
  • Bonus – to be part of a Community Partner organisation (AUT Edge Award qualifies)

NB: I'm afraid this opportunity is only available to NZ citizens and passport holders

Find out more about the scholarship here……

Find out more about Outward Bound here

Find out more about AUT Edge Award at Elabonline

NB: Images from Outward Bound


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