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Is it a Job Fair or a Career Fair?

March 25, 2019

Chatting with employer at business career fair

After the last career fair we had a few students question why more employers weren't taking applications for specific jobs on the day. Employers come to career fairs looking for opportunities to start engaging with students who will be looking for internships or graduate roles at a later date. Most do not come expecting to find someone to fill a role on the day.

Why is NZ Workplace Experience so important?

March 22, 2019

People in coffee meeting

Often international students feel very confused when employers say they want NZ work experience. What do employers actually mean - and why is it important? What if you already have a wealth of experience from your own country?

Employers delighted with student engagement

March 18, 2019

Bus and Econ Career Fair 2019 crowd

Being prepped before going to an event makes a huge difference as was demonstrated at the recent Business and Economics Fair where employers were delighted with the number of students that turned up with pertinent questions and good knowledge.

Tips for the Business & Economics Career Fair

March 5, 2019

look good at career fairs

Make the most of the opportunity to meet a large number of employers on city campus at AUT by coming to the Business and Economics Career Fair on March 11. Here are tips on how to put your best foot forward.

Five Employability Tips for International Students

February 15, 2019

Happy to have a job

Starting a new year of study can be daunting, especially if you're in a different city or country! Don’t try and do too much in the first weeks of semester. Get into a good head space by giving yourself time to settle into your study and your accommodation. Once you’re settled in, come and see us at Employability and Careers.

Are you ready for Career Fairs?

February 14, 2019

Are you ready

Employers love meeting people who are proactive, curious and well prepared. They will remember you if you take an interest, ask questions and show an understanding of what their organisation does. .

Demystifying Graduate Programmes and Work Placements

February 14, 2019

work experience

Experience in the workplace is gold to employers and they rate it highly. AUT offers a range of opportunities for students to gain work place experience, some compulsory, some not.

Welcome to Employability and Careers at AUT

February 12, 2019

Meet the Employability and Careers team

Come and visit us at the AUT Employability Lab – and no, the Lab is not a weird workplace science experiment. But it is the place where you get lots of help to become very employable.

Why bother with LinkedIn?

October 17, 2018

LinkedIn Smile

I bet you’ve been told again and again that a LinkedIn profile is an essential part of your job search. Yet, how often do you think, “Why should I bother?”

Augmented and Virtual Reality potential in Auckland

September 28, 2018

AR mask

Augmented and virtual reality technologies are expanding possibilities across many industries - such as entertainment, health, manufacturing and tourism - but is there much opportunity for making a living in AR/VR around Auckland?


People in coffee meeting

Why is NZ Workplace Experience so important?

Having New Zealand work experience is vital if you want to give yourself the best...
Bus and Econ Career Fair 2019 crowd

Employers delighted with student engagement

Employers were delighted with the way students engaged with them at the 2019 Business and...
Business Career Fair group shot

Big Event for Business & Economics students

“Career fairs provide a safe environment to network, a great testing ground for your CV...



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